Why Richmar?

At Richmar Associates, We Love What We Do and It Shows!

Why Us?

Celebrating 45+ Years of Experience Staffing Silicon Valley

We are proud to share that the majority of our business comes from client referrals.  Our clients rely on us as a vital resource in finding top talent to augment their existing teams.  We work extra hard to build trust and confidence in our ability to deliver qualified candidates in a timely manner and we follow that commitment up with exceptional customer service.  Our HR, Accounting, Payroll and Data Management teams provide exceptional service to our employees and customers when it comes to employee relations, payroll, benefits, invoicing and reporting.  With 45+ years of experience, we understand the importance of solid partnerships that support the staffing process from end to end.

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Our Recognition

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Benefit From The Richmar Approach

  • Dedicated Staffing Specialist assigned to each client
  • Experienced recruiters who pre-screened/interview candidate prior to submittals
  • Support from exceptional team of experienced staffing professionals
  • Customized staffing and management options
    • Vendor on Premise
    • Managed Staffing Services
    • Consolidated Billing
    • Customized Reporting and more…

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